National Caffeine Awareness Month®

An examination of America's omnipresent elixir

From tales of the first coffee buzz to the myths surrounding decaffeinated beverages, this book reveals the darker side of caffeine. Including a factoid-filled review of the history of coffee and an analysis of the composition of caffeine itself, this work examines the physical and psychological manifestations associated with caffeine consumption and traces its omnipresence in common household items such as food, drink, and medicine. A series of informative charts surveys caffeine levels in numerous well-known beverages and alerts consumers to the surprising presence of caffeine in soft drinks, teas, and juices purporting to be free of the substance. In addition to uncovering the potentially addictive and toxic effects of caffeine and its pervasive existence, this expose also provides hints on how to kick the caffeine habit and identify healthier food choices.

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