Caffeine Alternatives

The trouble with giving up caffeine is that many caffeine junkies make the mistake quitting without proactively searching for a more nutritious alternative. Certainly, it is always wise to give up a bad habit. But it is even better if you can adapt a healthy one.

Even before you give up coffee, you are likely to worry about what you are going to drink to fill that void created by its absence. This void appears larger than life, like a cavity to a probing tongue. Actually, it is not nearly as difficult as you might think. And millions of quitters have found other beverages to replace coffee, some rather creatively. You may be astonished to learn that when most coffee drinkers stop the habit, they do not simply switch to a decaffeinated brew. In fact, here is what one interesting survey demonstrated:

What Former Coffee Drinkers Switched to When They Quit

Herbal Tea 37%
Water 23%
Nothing 14%
Substitute 9%
Soft Drinks 4.5%
Milk, Orange juice 4.5%
Decaffeinated Coffee .5%
Regular Tea 3.5%
Cold Turkey or Taper?

Whether you quit on the weekend or during the week, you may wish to consider tapering off your consumption, rather than undertaking the abrupt and total withdrawal of coffee suggested by the term “cold turkey.”

If you decide to taper, consider taking your coffee half-caf, half soyfee (soy coffee). This way, you may avoid the headaches and anxiety while introducing yourself to a healthful brew. You may also want to switch to decaf tea as another way to taper down. Chances are, you will be getting less than half of your normal caffeine intake.

With either of these tapering methods, you can safely cut back caffeine consumption and probably avoid any withdrawal symptoms. It is your body, you be the judge.

(Source — The Truth About Caffeine, Marina Kushner, SCR Books)