National Caffeine Awareness Month®

Guidelines For Using NCAM Service Mark And Slogan

National Caffeine Awareness Month®” is a registered service mark of the Caffeine Awareness Alliance. To protect this mark, the “®” symbol should be used after the words “National Caffeine Awareness Month” to indicate its registration status.

Permission is granted to use the mark “National Caffeine Awareness Month®” to promote National Caffeine Awareness Month® to the general public or to companies and organizations which serve the public. They cannot be used to promote a company or a product. The words must never be altered in any way.

Permission is granted to broadcast media and publishers for use of the marks “National Caffeine Awareness Month®” for use with publicity focusing on the campaign.

National Caffeine Awareness Month® campaign materials purchased from CAA for free distribution to the general public may be imprinted with the message “distributed by [name of company, association, or organization].”

Graphics and art for National Caffeine Awareness Month® are also copyrighted. Graphics and related materials may not be reproduced electronically nor used on a Web site. Written permission must be obtained from CAA to reproduce the graphic on non-educational, non-print materials. For example, this includes T-shirts, mugs or other promotional items.

To obtain permission from CAA for theme or artwork usage as described above, or if you have questions, contact CAA at e-mail [email protected]

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